Tuesday, January 31, 2012

First Of Feb

First look for February!
I think I wore too much vintage on this post. Vintage with a modern twist?
Or a ballerina wearing heels? Naaah.

Since I'm wearing an ordinary tank top (pwedeng pambahay!), I decided to wear layers of
beaded necklaces for a little drama (para medyo glam din noh.
Ahuh, I wore two different necklaces. Both from my Mama Pin.
You can see more of my "lola jewelry" here.

The belt is from my Aunt. I don't know how old it is, but it's still on trend naman.
Midi Skirt is oldie old too! This electric pleated skirt also comes in two other colors - red and black.
Thank God my grandma is a fashionista! hehe.

Can't wait to wear more midi skirt this Love month! I feel so pa-girl.

And oh, hype this look on LB:

Monday, January 30, 2012

Little Miss DIY

I was bored. I saw an old top and a pair of scissors. Guess what I did!

"Cropped Fringe Top"


What you will need:
Any shirt of your choice
sewing scissors
pencil / marker

Here's how to do it. (The Handyman's Girl Way)
1.  Determine the length and width of your fringe. (Mine is 4in x 1in.)
2. Use a ruler and a pencil for marking.
3. Start cutting towards your mark. You can do the front & back at the same time.
4. Here goes the fun part! Pull each fringe gently. (This makes the fringes thinner and longer)
5. To prevent the fabric from ripping off, tie a knot at the base of your fringe. (You may also include the edge if you want to.)

This took me less than 30 mins.
Simple and easy, right?!

And now, it's time to rock it!

I paired my "new top" with a ripped denim shorts (may acid wash effect pa! lol).
It's also something I made, about a year ago. From pedal pushers to short shorts!
Cowgirl ang peg so I wore  boots from Butterfly twists! Finally nagamit din! Check out my post about Butterfly twists' package HERE.

Stomach in! HAHAHA!

Photos by: Bulady ( my ever supportive bff!)

Hype this look here:

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

DIY #7: Glittery Sandals

Everything that glitters is so IN! I've always wanted a pair of glitter flats, but I have to control myself from buying things I don't really need. So I decided to make my own.
I was about to "donate" (or maybe let go. hihi) these Charles & Keith sandals (from my cousin) when I thought of the word "sayang".
Keeping them inside the box for quite some time can really cause damage. That's what happened to this pair.
 See? Some portions at the back have peeled off. But the rest is fine. 

For the materials, you will only need:
Glitters / Glitter dust, Glue, Paint brush, Newspaper
Luckily we have these things available at home. No need for me to buy anything. Yey for savings!

 First is to put glue only on the area you want to be covered.
Use paint brush to spread it over.
Next, carefully add the glitters.
Let it dry for a few hours.
(You can add more layers of glitters if you want)
and voila!
 The blue glitters instantly added an American-ish feel. USA flag lang ang peg and I so love it!

DIY is all about creativity. It never hurts to experiment!
I can finally use these flats, and it looks brand new (at least, to me. lol).

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Butterfly Twists' Gift

I always get excited whenever a mailman drops off something like a claim stub for me. Hello, who wouldn't be happy and excited to receive gifts on a normal day?! So after receiving the parcel bill / claim stub, I headed to the post office right away.
Christmas season has already ended, it's mid January, my birthday is on May, but hey, I got a surprise! Here's the Chelsea boots (valued £44.99) I received from the Butterfly Twists. This was the item they were giving during their December Giveaway with House Of Shakti.

 I was surprised of it's packaging, really. I was trying to figure out if there is really a pair of boots in that small box.
See how small? I can just easily grab it. 
 And there it is! Butterfly Twists is a shoe brand in UK specializing in practical, or should I say portable shoes. Talk about flexibility and comfort in fashion. *wink 
Here's what it actually looks like when pulled out from its "shelf". (Shelf? ano raw?!)
And, voila! Of course I need to put them on! Fits me perfectly. Im a size 36 (US) but since it's from UK, 37 is fine.

Third package for 2012, and I hope there will be more to come. hahaha!
These boots are really made for walking! Can't wait to walk with "Chelsea".
For more info about Butterfly Twists unlimited, go to butterflytwists.com :)

Friday, January 6, 2012

Santa's Gifts

Every year, we all make our Christmas Wishlist. Like who doesn't? I actually had mine posted on facebook though I don't consider it as a "list" because I only asked for one thing. So it's a wish. THE HELLO KITTY NOIR MAKE UP PALETTE FROM SEPHORA!!!
I told myself that if I could own one, my whole year will be complete and I’d be the happiest girl in the universe! (OA noh? but yeah, I love make up and my all-time favorite character is Hello Kitty so THIS IS REALLY FOR ME! Haha!)

And ZURPRIZE! Santa granted my wish! Though delayed for more than 2 weeks, I don't mind at all. It's finally here~

Lookie! Santa also sent me a Hello Kitty Make Up Purse (totally love it coz it's clear, I can easily see find my stuff.) and a House Of Shakti Green Aventurine Pendant Necklace.

Close up shot of my new eye make-up color palette! 25 different shades for the eyes and 10 for the lips! How cool is that?!

And the beauty bag has all these nice surprises! Can't wait to try all of them!

House Of Shakti Green Aventurine Necklace is designed to work for the Heart Chakra. Love love love! They also have a beautiful packaging. This is actually my second piece, the first one is a Rose Quartz Love Bracelet.

Absolutely HAPPY! 2011 has already ended and 2012 really started out well for me. Thanks Santa!

Thursday, January 5, 2012


Finally, updated my lookbook for 2012.
Attending a TGIF party with friends and so I prepared. (minsan lang 'to so pagbigyan na)
Colors are inspired by Agent Perry, the platypus in Phineas and Ferb cartoon show. Major LOL.

Since I'm not used to wearing high heels, I decided to wear my super comfy flats before the nightout.

I'm actually 5ft 1in. tall (or short?). But those 5-in. heels do magic. HAHA!

Top from Terranova
Flats from Janilyn
Heels from People R People
Cropped Blazer from Mom (Looove vintage!)
Thrifted bag
Skirt from my cousin (it can also be worn as a top or a dress, so versatile!)
DIY Necklace (can also be a bracelet or a headband)


DIY #6: Wrist Charms

Experimenting on colours and different materials are always fun. I love to mix and match up things!
I'm forever a "kikay" so wearing accessories has been part of me already. I never leave the house without a pair of earrings, or even a bracelet.

Here are some of the wrist charms I made:

What I used:
Different kinds & colors of beads
charms (feathers, pendant, etc),
twisted cotton cords, ribbons
nylon string
inspiration & creativity

There you go!