Tuesday, July 5, 2011

DIY #5: Make-up Purse

5 easy steps on how to make your own purse out of almost nothing without even spending! choz!

Here's how.

Basically, you have to prepare your materials and find a nice working place. If you have a sewing machine, better! If you have none, oh well you should have at least a talent in sewing/stitching. :))

materials you can find at home. 
1. Fold in half and cut the fabric to your desired size & shape. (You may use a pattern for this.) Make sure that both faces (of the fabric) are equal.

2. Fold it inside out and stitch both sides. (If you have no sewing machine, running stitch will do. Just make sure it's tight and neat.) Don't include the upper portion since it will be the opening -save it for the zipper.

3. Turn the purse the right way & flatten it.

4. Attach now the zipper. Stitch it carefully & neatly so it won't look like a mess. (By the way, before anything else, choose a zipper that fits the length of your purse.)

After doing #4, this is what your purse should appear.

5. Decorate! Be creative in designing/decorating your purse. (Use materials that are light.)

and voila! My own customized make-up purse.