Saturday, February 4, 2012

Break Free

Sunnies: Grandma's (soooo vintage)
Floral Sheer Top: Sabella, from my other Grandma
High Waist Shorts: cousin's
Flats: Janilyn
Bag: Robinson's Dept, Abreeza
Moss Green Wood Ring: Grandma's
Orange - Green Wrist Charms: DIY (See it Here.)
Love Bracelet and Green Aventurine Necklace: House Of Shakti
Watch: Unisilver

Wearing vintage again! Those sunnies are even older than me. Feeling the1960's vibe whenever I wear them, no char! I think this style is something from the past. Fashion is a cycle lang talaga. And it's really a good thing that my two lolas saved some of their trendy stuff. Fashionista ang mga lola!

Anyway, this post is entitled "Break Free" because it's what I really want to do - to break free from the world of selfishness and greed.. choz! Ok, not going to talk more about it. hehe. Grateful that I received two pieces from House Of Shakti that helps in healing the heart chakra (see my love bracelet and the green aventurine necklace). Those are not ordinary jewelry, they are designed to heal and empower the wearer. Nice eh?

It's my dad's birthday tomorrow so I went to visit him at the cemetery. He died in year 1996. I just lit a candle and offered a prayer. That's something I've never done for quite some time. Time to make bawi! hihi.

Photos are taken by Bulady, my boyfie and the owner of the hat I'm wearing. hahaha! He said I look cute with it so there.

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