Wednesday, March 9, 2011

DIY #4 : From one to many

I have this vintage beaded necklace which I can no longer use because the beads were like falling off gradually. It's been kept in a box for so many years already and has grown old in there.
There. That's the story. Lol.
Here's the original necklace: 

and here's the new set of accessories I made. But I'm still on the process of doing more accessories out of the beads left. 

a layered bracelet (which can actually turn into a necklace), an anklet, and a pair of earrings

Creativity does magic. I just love the quality of these beads, and I also find them unique.
Go reconstruct your old kikay stuff too!


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  1. love turquoise! it's great how you re-worked these pieces, perfect for summer! :)

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