Tuesday, February 15, 2011

DIY #1

I love creating stuffs whenever I'm bored,mad or even depressed. ow. It somehow releases the whatever bad vibes I'm feeling. My creative side comes out then.  I usually make things that I can use, like hair accessories. I also have reconstructed some of my old clothes but for now,I'll just show you the headbands and the clip I made recently. (too bad  I lost the first ones I did : / )
made of remnants of black satin which I used when I made a Lady Gagaish costume. the silver beads are just add-ons

detachable ribbon cut out from a jeans I reconstructed. The ribbon can actually be turned into a clip!

another ribbon inspired by my favorite,Hello Kitty. made out of remnants of a pink cloth plus beads and sequins. voila! it's a cutie hair accessory!


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