Tuesday, February 22, 2011

DIY #3

I gotta say,I am in love with headbands! My hair is so dull and boring so I have to put something on it. I don't really like putting clips since it easily breaks and damages my damaged hair. haha! But sometimes,yes,I use hairpins specially when I'm not in the mood to show off my uneven bangs. haha again.
Why do I love making headbands again? Huh.
1. I get to spend less for accessories,save up for necessities.
2. I can customize everything.
3. It makes me productive. Got something to do when boredom strikes,other than eating and sleeping.
While browsing the internet for some design ideas, my attention was caught by Kani (I so love her Lookbook posts) and Jennifer Behr (who made Blair's rope headband in GG). They make such adorable headbands and other hair accessories! Im so inspired to make my own too!

Cool,ne?! Will definitely make more headbands! watch out :))
and oh  by the way,do check out my previous posts; You'll see some of my first DIY hair accessoria.


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