Friday, February 18, 2011

DIY #2

Kidada bracelets,originally by Kidada Jones,were popularized by the icon Nicole Richie. It's been a trend since 2007 but I wasnt able to own one because I find it too common. I've seen many girls wearing kidada wraps of different colors,straps and designs. They were everywhere! And that was before. hihi.

Call me outdated but I just recently made my own "kidada" which is kinda inspired by Pocahontas. hahaha! I maybe the last girl to make my own this bracelet but I'm so happy I finally thought of making myself one! LOL.
I spent ZERO,as in 0 peso (Php O.OO) because I just reused some beads,connectors,straps and trinkets for it. I also made a pair of earrings that matches my new,or should I say my first ever,Kidada!


make your own kidada too! make it simple yet unique. show how creative you can be.

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