Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Butterfly Twists' Gift

I always get excited whenever a mailman drops off something like a claim stub for me. Hello, who wouldn't be happy and excited to receive gifts on a normal day?! So after receiving the parcel bill / claim stub, I headed to the post office right away.
Christmas season has already ended, it's mid January, my birthday is on May, but hey, I got a surprise! Here's the Chelsea boots (valued £44.99) I received from the Butterfly Twists. This was the item they were giving during their December Giveaway with House Of Shakti.

 I was surprised of it's packaging, really. I was trying to figure out if there is really a pair of boots in that small box.
See how small? I can just easily grab it. 
 And there it is! Butterfly Twists is a shoe brand in UK specializing in practical, or should I say portable shoes. Talk about flexibility and comfort in fashion. *wink 
Here's what it actually looks like when pulled out from its "shelf". (Shelf? ano raw?!)
And, voila! Of course I need to put them on! Fits me perfectly. Im a size 36 (US) but since it's from UK, 37 is fine.

Third package for 2012, and I hope there will be more to come. hahaha!
These boots are really made for walking! Can't wait to walk with "Chelsea".
For more info about Butterfly Twists unlimited, go to butterflytwists.com :)

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