Monday, January 30, 2012

Little Miss DIY

I was bored. I saw an old top and a pair of scissors. Guess what I did!

"Cropped Fringe Top"


What you will need:
Any shirt of your choice
sewing scissors
pencil / marker

Here's how to do it. (The Handyman's Girl Way)
1.  Determine the length and width of your fringe. (Mine is 4in x 1in.)
2. Use a ruler and a pencil for marking.
3. Start cutting towards your mark. You can do the front & back at the same time.
4. Here goes the fun part! Pull each fringe gently. (This makes the fringes thinner and longer)
5. To prevent the fabric from ripping off, tie a knot at the base of your fringe. (You may also include the edge if you want to.)

This took me less than 30 mins.
Simple and easy, right?!

And now, it's time to rock it!

I paired my "new top" with a ripped denim shorts (may acid wash effect pa! lol).
It's also something I made, about a year ago. From pedal pushers to short shorts!
Cowgirl ang peg so I wore  boots from Butterfly twists! Finally nagamit din! Check out my post about Butterfly twists' package HERE.

Stomach in! HAHAHA!

Photos by: Bulady ( my ever supportive bff!)

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