Wednesday, January 25, 2012

DIY #7: Glittery Sandals

Everything that glitters is so IN! I've always wanted a pair of glitter flats, but I have to control myself from buying things I don't really need. So I decided to make my own.
I was about to "donate" (or maybe let go. hihi) these Charles & Keith sandals (from my cousin) when I thought of the word "sayang".
Keeping them inside the box for quite some time can really cause damage. That's what happened to this pair.
 See? Some portions at the back have peeled off. But the rest is fine. 

For the materials, you will only need:
Glitters / Glitter dust, Glue, Paint brush, Newspaper
Luckily we have these things available at home. No need for me to buy anything. Yey for savings!

 First is to put glue only on the area you want to be covered.
Use paint brush to spread it over.
Next, carefully add the glitters.
Let it dry for a few hours.
(You can add more layers of glitters if you want)
and voila!
 The blue glitters instantly added an American-ish feel. USA flag lang ang peg and I so love it!

DIY is all about creativity. It never hurts to experiment!
I can finally use these flats, and it looks brand new (at least, to me. lol).

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