Tuesday, January 31, 2012

First Of Feb

First look for February!
I think I wore too much vintage on this post. Vintage with a modern twist?
Or a ballerina wearing heels? Naaah.

Since I'm wearing an ordinary tank top (pwedeng pambahay!), I decided to wear layers of
beaded necklaces for a little drama (para medyo glam din noh.
Ahuh, I wore two different necklaces. Both from my Mama Pin.
You can see more of my "lola jewelry" here.

The belt is from my Aunt. I don't know how old it is, but it's still on trend naman.
Midi Skirt is oldie old too! This electric pleated skirt also comes in two other colors - red and black.
Thank God my grandma is a fashionista! hehe.

Can't wait to wear more midi skirt this Love month! I feel so pa-girl.

And oh, hype this look on LB:

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