Friday, January 6, 2012

Santa's Gifts

Every year, we all make our Christmas Wishlist. Like who doesn't? I actually had mine posted on facebook though I don't consider it as a "list" because I only asked for one thing. So it's a wish. THE HELLO KITTY NOIR MAKE UP PALETTE FROM SEPHORA!!!
I told myself that if I could own one, my whole year will be complete and I’d be the happiest girl in the universe! (OA noh? but yeah, I love make up and my all-time favorite character is Hello Kitty so THIS IS REALLY FOR ME! Haha!)

And ZURPRIZE! Santa granted my wish! Though delayed for more than 2 weeks, I don't mind at all. It's finally here~

Lookie! Santa also sent me a Hello Kitty Make Up Purse (totally love it coz it's clear, I can easily see find my stuff.) and a House Of Shakti Green Aventurine Pendant Necklace.

Close up shot of my new eye make-up color palette! 25 different shades for the eyes and 10 for the lips! How cool is that?!

And the beauty bag has all these nice surprises! Can't wait to try all of them!

House Of Shakti Green Aventurine Necklace is designed to work for the Heart Chakra. Love love love! They also have a beautiful packaging. This is actually my second piece, the first one is a Rose Quartz Love Bracelet.

Absolutely HAPPY! 2011 has already ended and 2012 really started out well for me. Thanks Santa!


  1. aw lucky you! :)

    Join my giveaway if you have time :)

  2. that make up palette is AMAZEBALLS! and it's Hello Kitty, too! Can't get any better than that..

    Kisses! xxx